Burree Elizabeth Neal Williams

I write so much about my father, the late Elder Elijah Williams, my hero, my idol, and who I have tried my best to pattern my life behind. (Haven’t done so well thus far). Yet when thinking of Daddy and his life, two people must be mention in his story, the Lord Jesus Christ, who Daddy accepted at a child and was filled with the Holy Ghost.  The other was his childhood sweetheart, Burred Elizabeth Neal Williams.  The young girl he met at age 14 at the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, whom he would marry in 1954 and produced four sons in 32 years of marriage.

Though I write so much about my father, let is be known that there is not a day that I don’t t thank God for my mother.  I thank God for the life that she has lived and his still living.  We were talking the other day that how long she has been saved, I mean truly saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, when Holy Ghost filled was not popular, for nearly 60 years.  Her life to her God and her husband has been a role model for any woman who seeks to serve the Lord and her family.

When Daddy started the A.R. Harris Memorial United Way of the Cross Church in 1978, it was started in our home, where Mom supported the calling on her husband life, by giving up her living room and becoming the church janitor.  When Daddy took ill, she went to training classes so that Daddy could have his dialysis treatments at home, which she gave him until his death.  In a time of vows that say I will love you until I don’t know more, Burree made a vow until death will they part.  And even after death the love still remains, she became a widow at age 50, yet no man has taken Elijah place and on his tombstone the words are inscribed….”Elijah and Burree Together Forever”

I thank God and not messing with anyone else life, but I thank God that throughout my childhood, every time  I went to my parents bedroom, the same man was in there, never had to worry if I brought a friend home, they would see a drunk mother or someone not dress properly.  I thank God for the woman who gave me life and made sure that I grew up not only in church, but in church to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I thank God for the life that she has lived and the example of godliness she has portrayed.

ME AND MOM ON BUS -1Is she prefect, if you asked Daddy, the answer would have been yes.  I can remember Daddy weeks before his death, with tears in his eyes saying that he loved momma only second to Jesus and even that was a closed second.  And though it seem that me and Mom, now butts heads more than we did when I was a child, as she always wants to be Momma and I don’t feel that she sees me as man, but that red headed boy of a long time ago.  But I understand that she is just being a mother.  But being me being me, and who I am, and Momma being who she is, it is impossible not butt heads.  As I am a grown (LOL) man, but Mom could care less, as she has often said even at age 73, I brought you in this world and I will take you out.  And I am so glad that age 49 years old that I was not aborted, but Momma did bring into this world.  And again, we do sometime butt heads, but I do know that my mother loves me.  She is just being momma and a wonderful blessed momma she has been.  As I can hear Heaven say….”Well Done”.

In closing, let me closed by saying on this Mother’s Day, I also want to honor my grandmothers the late Sister Ellease Williams and Mother Pansy Neal, who also set the standard of holiness that were passed down to their children.  And also I want to thank my wife, Yolanda Dewberry-Williams (who blog is coming soon) who in my opinion one of the greatest mothers of all time.  I am blessed beyond measures to have her to be the mother of my child, who she is raising to be a wonderful young lady in the Lord. Thank you Jesus for surrounding me with wonderful women of God and to all I say….”HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”

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