The Death of a Love One

Daddy GraveOver my years in the church, I have held positions such as Sunday School Teacher, Deacon, Minister, and Pastor.  And doing that time, especially, when it comes to new members, I have taught the Apostolic doctrine, the teaching based on tithing, holy living, salvation, and coming of Christ. But in the midst of all the teaching, one subject that I cannot remember ever being taught, and that is the death of a love and how we deal with it.

 The Bible teaches us that we should mourn comes into the world and rejoice, when they leave the world, but how many can raise their hands with me, and say I am not that saved yet.  I know that when my father passed, his spirit went to rest in the presence of the Lord, but what I identify with is dead.  The body that housed his spirit is dead and gone, as the Bible teaches us that flesh and blood will not inherited the kingdom of God.  But it was the flesh that I hugged; it was the flesh that I saw every day is dead. So the church job is too deal with spiritual issues, has not learn to successfully, to deal with that which we leave at the cemetery. As the most spiritual person that we know, even He who was God in the flesh, wept at the grave yard of his friend, even with the knowledge that His friend was about to get up. We too have foreknowledge that our love ones will rise again in their spiritual bodies, but the fact remain we too weep, because it hurts

For I know the Lord himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, I know to be absent from the this body is to be present with the Lord, I know behold I show you a mystery, we shall not all sleep, as I know all the biblical truths about those who die in the Lord, and counted bless, but none that help me when I walked away from Fort Washington Cemetery, on October 17, 1985, because what I knew was DEAD.

We need to stop as the church telling folks not to cry, they are in a better place. No there are not…..THEY ARE DEAD.  They are in the grave, yes! My brother and sister in the Christ, the spiritual part of them is in a better place, they are resting in the Lord, but that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit.  So it’s OK to grieve, it’s OK to cry, it’s OK to mourn, we are saved, we are born again, but we also are human. We let them go, but we also have to deal with the pan of doing so.

In closing, so how do we deal with the death of a love one, we must have balance. In time, those scriptures that did nothing for me in 1985 became the biggest comfort. That which I left at the grave yard shall be resurrected from the dead. That body that had kidney issues, diabetes, and other health issues, shall be presented with a glorious body that with no issues at all.  It’s been more than 30 years and if I can be honest, it still hurts, but the memories of a wonderful father, the memories of a wonderful grandmother, along with times spent with a truly best friend, now makes me laugh and cry.  And the spirit man that shall never die, I rejoice, as that which we leave at the grave, shall be resurrected and rewarded with glorious body that pleases even God.  So how do we deal with the death of a love one… in most things we must have balance.  

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