Is It Sin “The Answer” (2010)

The facts are in and I am ready to make my decision or statement on the question.  First and foremost let me say that masturbation is a sin for single people, under any circumstance, no bones about it, it’s a sin.   The Bible never said that the word masturbation, but it did say that if one cannot stop from burning in their lust, then they should marry instead of burning.  I know some have told that they can masturbated without sexual thoughts, but just to relieve tension, but what does that tension comes from, it comes from sex.  So I am going to waste anytime dealing with single folks on this issue.  The issue I want to deal with is with married folks.   Now if you are late to the subject then I advise you to read “Is It Sin, the Question”  on the side bar.  

But before I make my final statement and I won’t be here long (in my preacher voice), let us look at some of the scriptures that have been used, one being 1st Corinthians 6:9…..abuser of themselves with mankind.  The term abuser of themselves with mankind has to do with homosexuality, not masturbation.  But it does say in the 1st clause of that same passage it does also include fornicators, or adulterers, and effeminate, which is a male prostitute.   But we also know that the terms fornication and adultery can be used with straight sexual relationships as well.  Most will tell you that fornication is sex between unmarried people, but in reality fornication is any illicit or sexual act, so in reality adultery is an act of fornication, that is done when one has a sexual act outside of their marriage.   But nevertheless, though with all of this information, the question still has not been answered.   Because we are talking about married people, a sexual act between married people, and when it comes to sex, marriage changes the rules of the game.   So my answer will be based a lot on a former blog entitled “The Bed Is Undefiled”  and rules that I go by when trying what is right or wrong in the bedroom of married people. (Read the blog to check the list).  I am sure that many of you will find it enjoyable or a reason to get angry with me.  But let me get to my answer.

In my research, I had to find out an answer, so I ask the couple did they know before they got married that they would have to work far apart, if so, then marriage should have never taken place if they knew they could not contained themselves.  But I found that the job was the only job he could find after losing his job in the area that they lived.   So with this knowledge my answer is based upon this.  Eating is not a sin, but over eating is a sin.  Me drinking Pepsi is not a sin, but me over indulging in Pepsi as I do, is a sin (God forgive me).   Nothing is evil within itself, it’s what we do with it, makes it evil.  As many quote so wrong, Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of  money is the root that leads to sin.   So it’s how we handle sex, even in married couple lives  can make it evil or not.  But before giving my answer, I do encourage you to read the blog …The Undefiled Bed” to better understand my answer.   So here it goes.

Though I would not encourage phone sex as a substitute as a regular sexual act for married people, I think a continuation of it can do more harm than good.  But if it keeps them from committing adultery and both are in agreement, very uncomfortable as I am, I find myself leaning to the side that says it is NOT a sin.  Is it dangerous, yes, a thousand times yes, but in that bed that is undefiled and it is God job to judge the act of married folks not ours.  So I agree with those who say that we should stay out of married folk’s bedrooms.     So unless children are involved, animals, pornographic material, or another person, I cannot send them to a Hell that I do now owe.  

We all have our opinion on what is right and wrong, but let’s us go with what we know.   And we know that God hates a liar, we know that He hates one who sows discord, then things we know.  We also know that the righteous shall just make it in by the skin of their teeth.  So none of us are making one hundred, even though the song says 99 and half won’t due.   As much we might try to make the Bible say something it never said, I cannot with a godly conscience send folks to Hell that I do now owe, in a a subject that is a very gray area and those things we should  leave up to God and the couple.   

So in closing, do I think it’s dangerous, yes, over a long period of time, I think it can do more harm than good.  It is not something that I would encourage for all married people to engaged in who works in different cities,  as even the Bible teaches us not to deny each other for a long period of time, unless it be for prayer or fasting, and even then, these things should not be long.  Why! It opens the doors for sexual immorality. 

As for those who say that there more to marriage than sex, I agree 100 percent…..  But it does play its part.  A very important part, and I believe God knew that and that is why he created both male and female, because he knew he was not good for the man to be alone.  He knew that man need companionship, but also that man needed something a little more.  Even Sarah in her old age, when she found out that the Lord was going to let her have a child, she asked nothing about having a child, she asked the question, can I have pleasure in my old age….her mind was on sex.   So it easy to say that it’s more to marriage than sex, when you got someone lying next to you.  

So in closing, do I think it’s a good substitute? No.  Do I think it can be dangerous over a long period of time? Yes.  Matter of fact, I feel safe in saying, if one is not careful, it can lead to sin.  But is marital masturbation a sin…….my real answer is I don’t know.  But if it keeps two faithful, and both agree, then I would have to say no.   And if I am wrong…..then let God judge me.   

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  1. IMO, what goes on between a husband/wife is their business. I can’t get them to heaven and as long as it doesn’t encroach on my life, I don’t bother folks.

    Besides, why should a couple discuss what they do behind closed doors anyway? There are way too many issues in this world that churches need to be concentrating on besides worrying this. One issue being family. We need to focus on the family in the U.S. It is in tatters!

  2. I commend you for taking on subject that the church has ran from. The truth is that ungodly sexual acts, porn, and many other illicit behaviors are happenning to many in the church. The only way to lead the fallen to true is to deal with these issues and provide a path to truth and victory.

    • Thank you sir, continue to keep me in your prayers, as I continue to take on issues that the church duck, and yet the Lord has commanded me to face them. As I always say, if the church don’t answer these questions, they will find them somewhere else.

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