Sunday, October 27, 1996


It was a Sunday and the Redskins beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-16, and so what, though a Redskins fan from womb to the grave, on that day I could have cared less. Well almost cared less, after all I am a man. But on the day, the Lord bless me with the greatest gift ever given to me, outside the gift of receiving the Holy Ghost, as it has been the gift that keeps on given. It has been a gift of love, of laughter, of joy that I will never be able to explain. On this day, I beheld beauty like I have never seen, my heart nearly burst open with pride, yet I knew that which the Lord had given me, was also placed on me to be a provider, a role mode, to give back to that which was given to me for twenty five years, as to whom much is given, much is required, thus says the Lord. For on that day, Yolanda, my wife,  never looked more beautiful, I never loved her more, and though the blessings of the Lord, she gave to me a gift of life that I will love until the day I die.

For you see on Sunday, October 27, 1996, an angel was born, on that day daddy’s little girl came to be. A vision became reality, a princes born to be a queen. On this day Ciarah Catrice Williams, my Cee Cee, bringing me a blessing that has exceeded anything that I could ever imagine. I will never forget walking the halls late at night with her in my arms singing, “You Are My Sunshine”….., or coming home from work in her toddler years, just the sound of my key in the door who bring her running to her daddy arms

And though I have done the best that I can to be the daddy that she deserves, I have so much yet to do, so much better I have to be. She never asked to here, she had no say to whom the Lord would give her as parents, but since being here, she has given me more than this father could ever deserve. Doing the recovery of my accident, the little angel stepped up and became a little lady and took care of me better than any nurse, showing me love each and every day. I thank God for her mother teaching her how to be a little lady and more importantly, a little lady of God.

So thank Jesus, for giving me that gift that has kept on giving to me, thank you Yolanda for giving her life, and showing her your grace and class. And thank you Ciarah, for being “DADDY LITTLE GIRL”…… For you see on Sunday, October 27, 1996, I got the most important title given to me……I became Daddy.

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