The Game

Cross in the pocket, cross outside the pocket, bishop wear this color shirt, pastors wear this color shirt, elders wear this color, and ministers wears this color and the same with robes…….I have been in church all of my life and honestly I am so confused. Now please understand me, these are not a heaven or hell issues, I just need to vent maybe, I don’t know, but I do know that I refuse to play the game.

Growing up in the Way of the Cross Church of Christ in Washington, D.C., I still can remember the respect that I had for the Late Bishop Henry C. Brooks, not only the warmth that he had, but the title bishop in my child-like mind just held such high esteem.  But today, everybody and their momma is a bishop, and I am just totally confused what the qualifications are anymore and let us not even get into work .  Lord! This blog is going to get me in trouble.  But the scripture does say that a bishop must be the husband of one wife, not two, not three, but ONE wife.  Once in the church we saw that as one wife until she dies, but a great revelation came and now says that means one wife at a time.   And then there is the term one wife, does that mean that a woman bishop can have a wife, or am I reading it wrong.  There is a word for a woman with a wife. (But that’s another blog).  So my sisters in the ministry don’t hang me YET.  But what I do know the title bishop doesn’t mean as much as it did years ago, the new thing now is to be an Apostle.  Apostles with 5, 10, 20, 30 members or less, having birth anymore churches, home in a mess, but an apostle, wife wearing the big first lady hat at church, but at home not speaking to each other, but yet an apostle.  I just don’t get it, as I have said it once, and let me say it again……I rather be a great husband and father, then a great preacher any day……but it’s all part of the game.   As I have told many that returning to being a full time pastor is my desire, but it’s second to healing my marriage and home.   But I it’s just me.   But it’s would be hard for me to go to my pastor for marriage counseling and he has been married 3 times.  I refuse to play the game

Though my ministry has not took off as I have desire yet, but at the same time I am very proud of where it has gone.  But I do know that I have no desire to hold any other title that what I have….pastor and elder.  To be truthful, just for legal reasons you can call me elder, but except for that you can call me Brother Byron.  I have no desire, and never will be an district elder, or bishop, or any higher position in an  organization, and I am not saying that it doesn’t  have it place, it’s just not for me.  I know for a fact that the Lord has not call me to be in the hierarchy of the church body.   Because with the higher positions, come the politics,  and with the politics, come division, and with division come break-ups, new organizations, schism, and you name it……..and all I want to do is to be His witness.  I just don’t have time to play the game. I don’t have time to fuss over woman pastors, head covering, marriage, divorce, and re-marriage, and “I DO” have my opinion on these matters.  But I will leave that to the Apostles, Bishops, Overseers, and Grand Poppas, of the Body of Christ, I’m doing all that I can just to obey Acts 1:8 to be his witness.

I once heard a pastor say that if a pastor can’t raise a good offering, then he will just have to learn to push a broom.  Has the pastor role been reduce to his ability to raise money, what happen to souls.  I tell everyone who invite me to minister at their church for the first time; if you are looking for someone to call money lines…..I am sorry I am not the one.  I have been in service where offering took up more time than the message, sounding more like an auction, then a time of giving in worship.

Yes! I have my own weird way; I am the first to admit.  I have no desire to have an armor bearer, I have no desire to have a pastoral banquet, and it is not wrong….it’s just me, I am somewhat anti-social.   And Yes! I have been called sexist, I have been called stuck in tradition, and maybe I am.  I just don’t understand how tittles have become more important than service.   Yes! I say proudly, I don’t need a co-pastor wife,  as her desire shall be unto her husband (I’m still in the book) and when I have poured out of myself, I need someone at home who can ministered unto me. (I’m being saved, so I am cleaning it up).  And I had that….My God that pisses me off, because I messed up a good thing.  (Moving on)……..But too much preaching in the home and not enough love making, in my opinion, is trouble for a marriage.   When I am in church I want to hear “JESUS IS THE LIGHT”, but when I am home, I want to hear….”TURN OFF THE LIGHTS”.  Call me crazy…. (Oh! That Bubby is crazy) but there is a reason that so many co-pastors, and husband and wife ministers marriages are falling apart.  But it’s hard to turn off the lights, when the lights got to be on as both are preparing the next sermon.

So I will just continue to sit back and learn at other ministries, I see things that I want take away from it, and put my own spin from the Lord on it.  But at the same time, I also sit back and watch other things that I want to say far away from, because I don’t want to play THE GAME.

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