Accepting God Forgiveness For All

20160503_052545 I read a post on Facebook, how we can so easy accept the forgiveness of God, in our lives, but find it so hard to accept that God can forgive others. And I agree with the post so much.  When it comes to our family, we can easy accept the forgiveness of God and that He can change them.  But when it comes to other people family, then we doubt not God, but the heart of the one who now say that God has cleanse them.  But as hard as it is to accept, the same Jesus that died for you, died for the homosexual, died for the prostitute, died for drug user, as He did not die just for you.

But I, being me, it made me think about the one who I have problem with, when it comes to the forgiveness of God.  I can accept others, and believe with all of my heart that God can change anyone, but there is one that I have great issues believing God can forgive.

One who was born in a God fearing home, one who father was a pastor, a mother who is a missionary in the church.  Both baptized in Jesus Name and both baptized in the Holy Ghost.  One who taught their children the ways of the holiness, and the ways of the Lord.  Who taught them to flee from fornication, yet this one ran to it as fast as he could.  I have a problem that God can forgive him.  One who has admit that he had issues with his flesh, and if he don’t fight it every day, the issues can so easily return. Yet he calls himself saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, a minister of the Gospel, but has a past that haunts him every day.  Yes! He knows that God loves him, despite what He has done, but he has issues, believing that he is worthy of that love.

Yes! I have no problem with believing God can forgive anyone and His blood can wash anyone white as snow.  But I have issues with one, who past I know better than anyone, and that someone is me.

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