Let Me Entertain You (2014)

sjletmeThe old Broadway song says thisLet me entertain you, Let me make you smile, Let me do a few trick.  Some old and then so.me new tricks I’m very versatile.  This this the subject that I will try to look into briefly, as we try to answer the question, has the church become obsolete.

Jesus said upon this rock I will build my church, the church that the Lord purchase with his own blood, but this is not the church that I am talking about.  I am talking about the local church.  As I said it before, I am a studier of people, I sit back and watch, and I listen, and I have seen people give more reasons that I have ever seen in my 54 years of living, why “not” to go to church.

I grew up in the church, in the crib, I have always been to church.  When I grew up it just wasn’t on Sundays and a mid-week service, it was all day Sunday,  then Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays nights, and even Wednesday, if you didn’t have the Holy Ghost for tarry service.  And I love it, look forward going to church, had friends in church and yet to a degree it was social gathering at times, but I loved every moment of it.  I liked the old hymns back then, and I loved and still do love the preaching of the Word of ‘God.     Now the church is at the point that we have adjusted the schedule to meet the busy schedules of today church goers.  And to a point I somewhat understand, people just aren’t going to church all day like they did back then.  People now have lives outside the church, back then it was sin to do anything else.   Many are working two jobs, and other valet reasons.  My concern is what does offer when the doors of the church is open so to speak.  Maybe if we answer that, we can find the reasons why people don’t want to be part of a local assembly, with a belief that I don’t need a membership to be in the body of Christ.

I wrote a blog sometime back (the link below) that asked the question, what are we offering?  So please read when you can.    But are we offering a talent show, more than a life changing Word of God.    We have the praise team, and then we have the choir, followed by the dance ministry, and if we have time, will throw in some watered down sermon, because we don’t want to offend you, we just want to entertain you.   We want you to come back, so dress like you want to, do want you to, forget repentance and accountability, be just like the world for six days, and come back on Sunday again to be entertained.  No wages of sin is death, no come out from among them and be ye separate, no love not the world, nor the things of the world, just be entertained.

So in closing, I love the local church, I love being around God’s people, as we give vent to the Spirit. I need the local church, to renew after a tough week and fighting the devil.  I am like a car, I need to go and get filled up with the Word of God, as that is what I run on.  So it’s hard for me to see and hear people say I am not a part of a local church, I go to many churches, and not tied down to one set doctrine.  Maybe that is the problem; we eat from too many different tables, and have gotten food poison.  And what we are eating is a big dose of entertainment and not the Holy Ghost.   As for the local church, it’s time to stand, as John P. Kee wrote, I rather live right, than in Hell lift up my eyes.  As a minister, I hope you have a good time when you come to church, you should leave revived, but I am not here to entertain you, if God tells me to preach about Hell, I am not here to entertain you, if God tells me to preach modest apparel, I am not here to entertain you.  So be it preaching the love of God, or the wrath of God, when we leave church we should not leave as we came, but change, not through entertainment, but through the Holy Ghost.  

But sadly this is not most churches, most churches say…… And if you’re real good, I’ll make you feel good, I’d want your spirit to climb. So let me entertain you, we’ll have a real good Yes sir!  AND WE’LL HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME.



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