A Fallen Head “A Personal Story” (2012)

This blog is not written to try and get encouragement for me, and to remind me how much God loves me and forgives me. It is written for one reason only, to teach others, from the mistake that I have made…..with that being said: No matter how many men don’t face the challenge, no matter how many women don’t respect it, it is a Biblical fact, as Christ is the ‘HEAD” of the Church, so is the man the “head’ of the woman. It’s Bible, not Byron, not your local church, it’s the Word of God.

Being the head does not make one a dictator, the Apostle Paul gave instruction to how to the head of your woman, of your family, as he told the church to love your wife, as Christ loves the Church, and gave his life for her, and not only did I know this, but I was shown this by my father, the late Elder Elijah Williams. As no man that I knew ever loved his wife, more than daddy loved mamma. No man ever ran his house in my opinion better than daddy did, his rules for this rules were not up for debate, with me and my brothers. He would always take Mom opinion into serious consideration in all family decisions, and at times saw her way as the best. He was a loving man, who could discipline at one moment and come to take you out for ice cream, the very next moment. And without a doubt, you knew he loved God. So the example was set, I knew how to be the head, all I had to now was to implement that which was I taught to me.

On April 5, 1995, I married Yolanda Catrice Dewberry in a very small ceremony, and suddenly I became the head, and for me, it was game time.

I know how an athlete feels, after having the perfect game plan, done put in all the practice, but when the clock hits 0:00, you see that you have failed. You didn’t implement the game plan, nothing was wrong with the plan, you just didn’t execute. I was given a wonderful wife, not a perfect one, but she was special, and all I had to do to make it work was be the head.

When there are communications issues, it’s the head job to communicate, when you see each other growing apart, it’s the head responsibility to make sure you bring things back together. Many have assumed that there was unfaithfulness in sexual areas….but I assure you that it wasn’t. Yes! Maybe I shouldn’t have not have shared my pain with others, when I should have been talking to her. So in that way maybe I was unfaithful. Nevertheless, I was the head, a head that failed, not saying that all was my fault, but the fault always starts where? At the head….and for that reason, and that reason alone, though forgiven by God, never to be brought up in the world to come…..I know that this head, was a head that failed, thus a fallen head. So bow my head in shame.

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  1. Another great article. Wish more men would wake up and start acting from this perspective. Men just do NOT know the intrinsic power bestowed upon them by God to lead.

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