6080_1100725399611_1270974803_30294975_3503155_n.jpgFor the first time in my blogging history, I will share this blog on all three sights, A PLACE CALL AGAPE, WITHOUT THE COLLAR, and FROM THE DESK OF REV. BUBBY. To my surprised, I have received many emails asking who am I going to vote for is this upcoming election, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

As one who has been able to vote since the Reagan/Carter election, and I must admit this is the toughest election. Though born a democrat, I am not beyond voting Republican.  But in this election, it’s not the less of two evils, as both are evil…. And as child of God and a Black man, I have wrestled with whom I am going to vote for. 

As I cannot see as Black man how I can support Donald Trump, I am not his African American friend.  Yes! He can go to the Black churches, and ask a reasonable question in my opinion, “What do you have to loose” But I am not buying that he’s the best interest for Black American.  I don’t feel our best is in Mr. Trump agenda. He may want to make American great again, but I don’t think, the American I live in, is included. Not only that, but Mr. Trump is a nut, a stone nut, and anyone who loves this country, who loves peace, and not war, unless it’s the last resort, cannot feel comfortable with Trump as our leader.  

And how can I vote for Mrs. Clinton, though she and her husband, Former President Bill Clinton act like the champions for the black folks, again, I am not buying it. Forget that she is a crook and can’t be trusted; all politicians are crooks, so that is not my concern. But I cannot put my one vote for one who supports the homosexual, same sex marriage, and abortions.  True, I do need more Jesus, maybe a lot more, but nevertheless, I do have enough God in me, not to support that which God has called an abomination.  To be truthful with both, if they don’t get you close to God, nothing will. So what do I do?

I am troubled, as too many people, too many Black people, have died, suffered for the right to vote, to take it nonchalant, I so I’m troubled not to vote.   I don’t know what to do?  As a Christian, I am saying no to Clinton, as a Black man I am saying no to Trump, but as American, I feel obligated to vote.  So after much praying, I have come to the conclusion what to do.

If a gun was held to my head, Nah! If I gun was held to my daughter head, I would vote for Hillary Clinton.  So since I live in state that I feel comfortable going for her, and since the election is made up the Electoral College and not the popular vote, I will not be voting for neither, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.    There are issues in the state that plays a great part what either candidate will be able to do. So I will be voting for them, but when history is written, I don’t want eternity say that that my name supported Donald J Clinton or Hillary R. Trump.  And that is my thought from WITHOUT THE COLLARFROM THE DESK OF REV BUBBY and A PLACE CALL AGAPE

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