I Do Until I Don’t No More (2008)

I will not attempt at this moment to deal with my biblical beliefs on divorce and re-marriage, as we must first get to the root of the problem, before we can handle the problem.  It disturbs me when I read the the divorce rate in society and that the church world is just as high, there is a problem.  As the church has gotten to lax in its teaching concerning marriage, and how to stay married.  But if two unsaved folks can stay married, and even if two who are spiritually unequally yoke can stay married, then why can’t two who are filled with the Holy Ghost can’t stay together.  For the Bible says that that the sanctified spouse, can sanctify the unsaved mate, by the life they lived, yet two people who can speak things into existence, who lay hands on the sick, bind the power of Satan, and live under the authority of Jesus Name cannot stay married….again, there is a problem.  There is a problem when our leaders, the Apostles, the Bishops, the Pastors, the Elders, and church leadership as a whole cannot stay married.  You read the papers, the internet sites, you know how divorce is even effecting the pulpits of the Body of Christ.

For there are church folks who have been married three and four times, I tell you God is not pleased.  As one who is in the midst of a separation, believing God for reconciliation,  I know that if I had stayed in the will of God, my wife and I would be together.  Though I was not sexually unfaithful…..I was unfaithful to the duties of a saved husband, to love my wife as Christ loves the church and forsaking all others.  And if Christ would treat the church, like born again believers treat Him, the Lord would have kick us go the curb a long time ago.  But if husbands would love their wives like Christ loves the church and if wives would submit to their husbands, like we ought to submit to the Lord, then maybe the the divorce rate in church would fall.   If we would teach not only that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing, but also how to treat that which we find.

The Biblical debate over divorce and re-marriage is for a later date, but let us first look how we can stay married, before we kill the marriage.   For God hates divorce and so do I, and somewhere along the way, the church has dropped the ball.   Just because the world marriages are falling apart, Christ came that we can have life and life more abundantly, which includes our marriage as well.

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  1. My comment is about, “How do we know for sure if GOD put a couple together and it was not the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life.”

    Homosexuals are now taking the same vows, but GOD did not put them together.
    TO me if GOD truly put you together, no matter how bad it gets, no matter how hard the devil fights, the couple would weather the storm. Nothing could tear them apart.

    • that’s putting the blame on God.

  2. The Homosexual remark is not worth answering, we are talking about marriage, two of the same sex is not marriage.

    And the Bible says marriage is honorable, it did not say saved folks marriage, or unsaved folks, but marriage. And somewhere along the way, we “the Body of Christ” lost the ability to honor the vows that we made….UNTIL DEATH DO US PART.

  3. If two Christians are separating and divorcing, I can assure you that either one or both are NOT filled with the Holy Ghost.

  4. In the bible, people can be saved but carnal. Paul refers to carnal christians and christians who are not mature. He didn’t say they are not filled but that they are carnal, saved but not mature in the faith.

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